Best Practices to Grow Your Consulting Business – Tip # 11 – Focus on What Builds the Business

To grow your consulting business, it’s important to practice Top Tip # 11 from our veteran consultant panel on Best Practices to Grow your Consulting Business.

Focus on what builds the business

Focus on What Builds Business

We are all very busy with many diverse demands on our time. When prioritizing where to spend YOUR time, focus on what builds your business. That might be business development, client account management, training others to do the tasks as you want them to be done, or developing product or productizing your offerings.

I hear the groans as you read, yes, prioritize business development. This is not a natural forte for most of us. Most of us would prefer not to do business development or to have someone else do business development for us. Yet it is your business, and you will be able to tell your story best and understand who your most qualified clients are, and who will gain the most value from your services. Also, business development is one of the critical factors driving growth. Even if you have someone doing business development for you, stay actively involved in the strategy and progress as it directly impacts your business success.

What’s pulling at your time? Where you spending the bulk of your efforts on a daily basis? Have you identified which areas are your core competencies? Which areas contribute to building your business vs managing your business?

About Deborah Siegle

Deb Siegle, Past President of Women in Consulting and Principal of Strategic Marketing Solutions, is an astute marketing leader and strategist with a talent for aligning a company’s products, solutions and messages with the customer’s needs. Deb was named one of the Top Women of Influence in Silicon Valley. She delivers practical and actionable insights to business executives and entrepreneurs. Deb is a recognized consumer and business marketing leader, problem solver and communicator who is an authority in market research, strategy, market and product development, and customer loyalty and experience. Deb is also the former president of Women in Telecommunications (WiT) and has also held leadership positions in other industry associations. Deb holds a M.B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.B.A. from the University of Michigan.


  1. There are some great tips in this article! When looking to spend time more effectively, it’s definitely recommended to consider where you are spending the bulk of your efforts each day!

  2. Speaking/Other Opportunities to Demonstrate Credentials
    Whenever you have the opportunity to get in front of an audience to demonstrate your expertise – seize it! Don’t be shy. Small discussion groups, seminars, panels – moderator or panelist, webinars, etc. The more opportunities you have to educate and inform, the more you will enhance your profile and become a known entity in your field.

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