After the Survey

I was thinking about WIC’s survey results from last week’s meeting when I came across an interesting article by Geoff Colvin in Fortune from March 2, 2009.  In talking about products, he asserts that smart companies can raise prices in the midst of the recession.  Using a classic pricing matrix,  he talks about the long term impact of pricing decisions and how they are made.  None of this is new.  I assert that the same principles apply to us in the professional services marketplace as well. Differentiating your service and selling value to the client is still the name of the game for successful consultants.

So be fearless and understand your value to the client before you begin discussions on the project. The recession will not last forever, and we need to be ready.' About Deb McClanahan

Principal of BroadBand HR Consulting, Deb is an Executive Search and Human Resources consultant, and has served in WIC's leadership in different roles. As a consultant, she works with companies of all ages and stages to identify talent critical to their success. Her practice also includes compensation, performance, OD, and other HR and business consulting. As a WIC board member, Deb serves today as Secretary overseeing the organizational structure and association development as well as 2-way communication initiatives.

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