“7 Things I Learned Online that I Use at Work” Social Media Today

I recommend reading “7 Things I Learned Online that I Use at Work” by Valeria Maltoni on Social Media Today. A nice common-sense read like Jen Berkley’s latest post, “Encourage Your Clients to Talk to Their Customers…Now More Than Ever!”

Why do I like these two posts? They focus on basic communication principals. In Jen’s, it’s talking to our clients about what they want — common sense, but not common practice, as Jen writes. In Valeria’s post, it’s about talking to customers within existing tools the same way you would using social media. Simplistic? Yes. Always done? No.

“7 Things I Learned Online that I Use at Work”

“It’s not necessary to launch a full social media marketing campaign to get the benefits of new ways of talking with customers and colleagues.

“Every company already has the tools it needs to do that — they’re called marketing communications, public relations, and customer service. They are each powerful when the proper definitions are used.

“Think about it — put the relations back in with public, the communications back into marketing, and the service for customers. To help either reinforce or create a community, all you need to do is listen, hear, act on what you’ve heard, repeat.

“I can assure you I’m fully aware that it sounds simplistic. Yet, whenever things get out of hand, one should step back and return to basics.”

  1. Ideas come from anywhere
  2. Sharing and deciding are not the same thing
  3. Talking needs to be paired with doing
  4. Simple does not mean easy
  5. Transparency is key
  6. The currency of modern business is adaptability
  7. Sometimes doing more means accomplishing less

Read Valeria’s full article

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