48 Percent of Companies Polled at ANA Conference Will Increase Marketing Spending or Hold It Stable in 2009

As you can tell from the series of posts that I’m making today, I was a bit behind on my reading. But many of these articles were definitely worth my time, like this one on the Silicon Valley WebGuild that shows a survey from the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) 2008 annual “Masters of Marketing” conference (October 2008).

The survey polled attendees via handheld devices about their marketing mix, budgets, plans, and tactics.

One of the questions asked attendees how much they plan to spend on marketing in 2009 vs. 2008: 20 percent expect to increase spending, 28% expect to hold stable, and 20% to decrease spending. I thought this bright news for marketing consultants given all the fear surrounding the current economy.

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How will you adjust your current marketing and media plans to account for the recent downturn in the financial markets?
– Spending will be reduced (33%)
– Spending will be constant / marketing mix will be reallocated (33%)
– Surprisingly, we will spend more (27%)
– No changes, we will keep everything status quo (8%)

How does your CEO view your marketing efforts with respect to growth?
– As a brand-building investment (56%)
– As an unaccountable but necessary expense (21%)
– Not sure (15%)
– As an unnecessary expense (8%)

What is your preferred social media site for driving brand growth?
– None (32%)
– YouTube (20%)
– Facebook (18%)
– All (12%)
– LinkedIn (10%)
– MySpace (6%)
– Twitter (3%)

As you look toward 2009, how much do you plan to spend on marketing vs. 2008?
– Increase spending more than 10% (26%)
– Increase spending less than 10% (13%)
– Hold stable (28%)
– Decrease spending less than 10% (14%)
– Decrease spending more than 10% (19%)

Which discipline will offer your brand the largest opportunity for growth?
– Traditional 30-second spots (17%)
– One page advertisements in a newspaper/magazine (7%)
– Web advertising (16%)
– Social media integration (28%)
– Direct Marketing (7%)
– Grassroots, viral public relations (19%)
– Radio (5%)

How does your company currently measure brand growth?
– Sales and net income (70%)
– Third party brand equity valuations (15%)
– Shareholder value (9%)
– Household penetration (4%)
– Company culture (3%

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