Sage Advice from Corporate Buyers of Consulting Services

::  Recently I had the opportunity to make a presentation to a small group of consultants; a couple of them worked for Chevron-Texaco. They had just completed a screening process for a multi-million consulting project.  In's what they shared: 1.  First consultants eliminated were ME CENTERED...they dominated the conversation, told all about their processes, products, past clients.  It was all about them. They asked few questions. 2)  Second set of consultants eliminated were … [Read more...]

WIC Turns 20 in 2018 

:: What better way to kick off the 20th Anniversary of WIC in 2018 than sharing a WIC “aha moment” from member Mandi Toutsch:   “Even traveling between the Midwest and California for the past year, I find the WIC emails and off-topic subjects very helpful. I am grateful to have met wise and resourceful women, whom are a great support to each other with their businesses and life.” While a more formal anniversary celebration is planned for the January 18th General Meeting, the blog will feature … [Read more...]

The Power of WIC is in Your Success

:: For me, 2017 has been one of the shortest years ever. As my first year as president of WIC, it certainly has been busy and fruitful. Previous presidents and board members did some excellent work streamlining WIC operations and costs. This year the board put a lot of energy towards increasing transparency, connecting with members, and driving more value through our programs. One of my personal goals as a WIC leader has been to respond to issues, ideas and questions with positive support, … [Read more...]

First Year Members Speak Up

:: I’m coming up on one year as a WIC member and as a marketing consultant. So I thought the “newbie” perspective might be worth sharing to others looking to WIC as a support for a new venture. But I also want to send out a sincere thank you to all of the WIC pros that helped me better understand what I have to offer and how I’ll break through. Every single member I met in person or virtually took the time to listen, offer perspective and make me feel welcome. I came to WIC with a direct … [Read more...]

Giving Back the Consulting Way

:: I've participated in many group volunteer efforts:  cleaning beaches, painting classrooms, bagging pinto beans. The list goes on and on and includes time in a dunk tank. But the recent Non-Profit Challenge was the first time I've ever done a SWOT analysis for charity. The brain child of Martina Doleshal, the second year of this event brought together about 50 people to work on strategic plans for 8 non-profit organizations from the Bay Area. The groups ranged from arts organizations to … [Read more...]

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