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There are 17 million independent workers in the U.S. workforce.The idea of being your own boss is alluring, isn’t it?  For some, it’s about making your own decisions, for others it’s about flexibility, or getting out of a highly political environment.  Whatever the motivation, most of us have imagined working for ourselves at one point or another.

For many, it isn’t wishful thinking.  Since 2011, MBO partners has published an annual “State of Independence Report” that illustrates the impact independent workers have on our economy.  Did you know that there are 17.7 MILLION independent workers in the US workforce today?  They range in age from 21 to 80 years old and live and work in all 50 states.  They are not only “independent”, they are equal, with 50% being male and 50% being female.

36% of Independents describe themselves as self-employed, 15% as a contractor, 13% as a business owner, 9% as creative talent, 7% as a consultant,  4% a freelancer, and another 4% define themselves as entrepreneurs.  No matter what they call themselves, you can call them happy.  In 2014, 64% of Independents reported that they are highly satisfied, primarily because they are doing something they like, they are making a direct impact, and they have flexibility.

MBO Partners forecasts that more than 24 million workers will be independent by 2018.  If you want to be one of them, how do you know if you are ready?  In his article “7 Signs You’re Ready to Be Your Own Boss”, Steve Tobak identifies traits employees should master before they consider going out on their own.  His hard questions could be quite helpful; Do you seek achievement instead of power or authority?  Do you always find a way to meet your commitments and get the job done?  Do you tell the cold, hard truth because it’s the right thing to do for the company and its business?  Do you ask “How High?”  If this is your normal state of being, you would probably be a great Independent.

WICademy: Consulting 101For those ready to explore what it takes to set up your own independent entity, check out WICademy: Consulting 101.  This is an interactive video conference series exploring how to “set up shop” taught by members of the non-profit Women In Consulting.  These experienced business owners will be sharing their and expertise to help launch the next set of successful “independents”.  It starts May 1, 2014. To learn more about the course, visit http://bit.ly/1dh9P6R

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SOURCE: http://www.inc.com/steve-tobak/what-great-employees-do.html

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