Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Attend the October 5th WIC Workshop

The next Women In Consulting (WIC) workshop is designed to help you expand your business into new markets. Led by seasoned presenter Sherry Prescott-Willis, author of Market This! An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool and a former WIC board member, “Positioning Your Consulting Business to Tap Into New Market Segments” will show you, step-by-step, how to grow your business into new niches. During the morning workshop, participants will go through a series of discussions and exercises to define and refine their marketing strategy and messages—and walk away with a plan of action.

However, there are so many reasons for not attending. Here are the top 10.

10. You’re in nirvana with a perfectly positioned business where clients flow in like a river—and you simply don’t want new business.

9. You’d rather spend your $85-$100 on a more solid investment in your future: Six rolls of the 2010 Grand Canyon National Park quarters from the U.S. Mint.

8. You have identified the markets you’d like to establish a presence in, have your marketing strategy and messages perfectly lined up and are effectively reaching key influencers in those markets. (OK, I want to talk with you. Seriously.)

7. You’re on a crunch project with a client and your four-hour absence would lead to pandemonium and complete project failure.

6. You thought you were a W2 employee and had to be at the office between 8am-6pm to keep the boss happy.

5. You’re planning to attend a special morning viewing of The Social Network that day.

4. You’re celebrating the 41st anniversary of the debut of Month Python’s Flying Circus on BBC by watching all 45 episodes back-to-back. (Yes, it really is the anniversary.)

3. You don’t want to travel to San Mateo for a workshop because it’s centrally located and too convenient to get to.

2. You’d prefer sitting in front of your computer eating cereal and dry wheat toast for breakfast to having a nice continental breakfast and exchanging ideas with peers.

1. You don’t think there’s much value in signing up for the workshop and getting a free webinar!

Yes, you will get a free webinar, good through March 31, 2011, if you sign up for the October 5 workshop by noon on Wednesday, September 29. Here’s the catch: Go to the WIC Facebook page and grab the discount code (in the info box on the left or a recent post). That’s it. Please be sure to “like” the WIC Facebook page while you’re there.

Register now for the workshop, ” Positioning Your Consulting Business to Tap Into New Markets.”' About Michelle Gouldsberry

As the principal of Resonance Creative, Michelle Gouldsberry is the chief storyteller. A writer and project manager, she helps companies develop marketing messages and content that authentically reflect their brand and resonate with their target audiences.

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