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SEO has been around since the Search Engines were born.  Much has changed in that time and many business owners are more confused than ever.  So today I thought I would give a short review on the basic SEO concepts for today’s online marketing world.

Most people think about what their web site will look like. But if you want people to see your site, it needs to be listed at the top of the search results pages where people will find it. That means your web site has to be designed with plenty of “search friendly” clues embedded inside. Embedding the right clues helps search engines understand what your web site is about, and who would be interested in seeing it. The right keywords in the page content, page title and other fields ensure the search engines see and send traffic to your site.  This strategy is called On Page SEO.

Off Page SEO, another important and effective way to get more targeted traffic from search engines, drives traffic by putting more links pointing to your web site from other web sites and online directories . Each link into your site is a “vote” that tells the search engine that your site is important. You want more links — as long as they’re links from trustworthy web sites.

Blogging, the third SEO method, gets you more traffic three ways. First, it gives your site fresh content. (Search engines are always looking for what’s new.) Second, people link to interesting blog articles, so blogging can help you get more links.  Third, each blog article becomes its own web page, providing its own unique SEO opportunity.  You can really capture a lot of long tail (i.e., highly focused and narrow) traffic using a blog. As an added bonus, a blog allows you to talk with your customers directly. That’s the best kind of search-engine optimization: creating devoted fans!

Social media isn’t just for kids any more. Today, it is critical to make use of social media marketing. But just having a presence isn’t enough. You must think about who you’re talking to — and where you’re finding them. This means adopting a new set of web metrics beyond simple search result positions and number of visitors coming to your web site. Chat rooms, blogs, forums, social networks, social bookmarking sites and virtually any site that allows conversational interaction are prime venues for the rapidly growing field of social media marketing. Choose carefully!

To keep from wasting time and effort, you’ll want to analyze every step of the SEO process. Marketing is all about measuring, then optimizing your activities based on an analysis of those results. The Internet offers us a lot of great tools to measure marketing activities. Correctly setting the right tools in place is the only way meaningful measurements and plans can be initiated, implemented and then fine-tuned.

I hope this short explanation can help you in your quest to find the top of the search results on Google.' About Lou Anne McKeefery

Be Found provides search marketing expertise to small and medium sized companies for a wide range of services from site design considerations to site modifications needed to increase their website’s search rankings as well as implementing a solid web analytics system in order to accurately determine advertising ROI. Be Found specializes in building search optimized web sites using the Word Press software platform. For more information visit


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