The Value of One Great Idea

:: Does one of the following describe you? Your business is on a roll. You’re ready to take that next step to grow your business even further. But you’re having second thoughts. Is this really the right time? Are there any negative consequences you’re not considering? What important details could you be missing? Your business is stalling. You’ve tried everything to grow your business, but you’re just not getting anywhere. Is it time to throw in the towel? While you may think you’ve tried … [Read more...]

All About Connection – An Evening With Kristy Rogers

As the featured speaker of the November general meeting, Kristy Rogers spoke on creating genuine connection and getting the most out of networking, followed by an interactive activity where the group was able to practice their new networking skills. Below are the key points of her program along with some great tips to help you increase your networking success. As Kristy says: "The ability to produce results is all about connection." What is Connection?  It involves being liked, being … [Read more...]

Be bright. Be brief. Be gone.

Cool Under Fire© series, 2 of 5 by Marianne Fleischer This second of five articles in the Cool Under Fire©Series will help you think on their feet. Speechwriter & Executive Speech Coach Marianne Fleischer, Fleischer Communications, will also be the keynote speaker at Women in Consulting’s August 10th, South Bay General Meeting. Whether you are at the podium or working the room, brand these six words onto your heart: Be bright. Be brief. Be gone. Why? … [Read more...]

Video: Catching Up with the 93%

As of last year, 93% of senior marketing professionals use video for online marketing, sales or communications. Most (84%) used this content on their own website; and more than 60% also using it as a part of their social media and email marketing campaigns. Which should make us consultants think: if the vast majority of marketing professionals are using video for online marketing, shouldn’t we be doing the same for our businesses? My company is focused on conducting user experience … [Read more...]

Risk Averse or Change Averse?

The riskiest action in a changing environment is Business as Usual.   So why do managers repeatedly shy away from change—real, thoughtful, productive change— as they watch their markets erode? The most likely source of change resistance is in the normal brain.  Your instincts are wired not to take you into the unknown or unfamiliar. Same is good.  Same is safe.  Change is a threat.  Follow your instincts. The problem with following your instincts in a changing environment is that your … [Read more...]

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