New Twitter Tool TBUZZ Makes It Easy to Tweet About Web Pages

I discovered a new tool that I already love — TBUZZ. It makes it easy for you to Tweet about the Web pages you visit without having to go to Twitter or TweetDeck or similar tools. Here’s how it works:

  • Once installed, TBUZZ appears in your browser toolbar.
  • When on a Web page that you want to share with your Twitter followers, simply click the TBUZZ icon in your toolbar.
  • A TBUZZ window opens, with an already-shortened URL to the page and available character count.
  • Type what you want to convey and click update, and that’s it. You’ve updated your Twitter feed without leaving the page you were reading.

TBUZZ also shows you others who are “TBUZZing” about the page and what they said.

A Note about Installing It on IE

Arc90, the company who developed TBUZZ offers a nice how-to video on its home page that shows how to install TBUZZ. For non-IE users, you simply drag and drop the prominent TBUZZ button on the home page to your browser toolbar, give the bookmark a name, and it appears in your bookmarks and in your browser’s toolbar.

For IE, there’s an extra step. After the link appears in your bookmarks, right click on it, and then click on “Add to Favorites Bar.” TBUZZ then appears in your browser toolbar.

Check out TBUZZ' About Avery Horzewski

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  1. Yes, it shows up on Twitter and TweetDeck instantly–or at least as fast it takes me to go from the article to Twitter or TweetDeck. 😉 I find it a very handy tool. In TweetDeck (and the Twitter profile page), it shows it was posted via TBUZZ–as you’ll see if you look at the Tweet I just did about TBUZZ.

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