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Just recently, an invite to a webinar about how to avoid webinar fatigue popped into my inbox—as did a terrific infographic on “how to rock your webinar.”  Gosh, webinars are such a part of our daily business scene that it’s not a big surprise presenters are concerned about how to make theirs dance and sing.

I loved the ten tips in the infographic and, as is my wont, am sharing the tips that particularly resonated with me:

  1. “Present Your Agenda” ‒ Yup.  Set your audience up for what you’re going to discuss.  (“Tell them what you’re going to tell them.”)
  2. Get straight to the point ‒ Don’t indulge in a lot of filler pleasantries.  Dive right into the content.  Otherwise, your audience will drift away
  3. Don’t meander ‒ Think PechaKucha , the 20-slides-in-20-minutes presentation technique that has so many followers worldwide.  Again, the idea here is to keep your audience engaged, not drifting wandering away because you’ve lost momentum.
  4. Fake it ‒ Act confident.  You’ll become a better presenter.  To which I add, a cheery and accessible tone goes a long way toward generating enthusiasm and enjoyment in both you and your audience.
  5. “Summarize and Say Goodbye” ‒ Aim for a nice, strong wrap up where you “tell them what you told them.”


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