ATTITUDE: How’s Yours?

I recently read the book, “Attitude is Everything: Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life!” by Jeff Keller.  At first I thought it was just going to be a corny book that I could not identify with, but I found that it had some deep truths that I could possibly implement.  Here are five key points I learned.

#1 Have a Positive Attitude

When someone asks you, “How are you?” how do you respond?  Think Positive

Negatively – I’m terrible; I’m tired; don’t ask; as good as can be expected.
Positively – I’m excellent; I’m terrific; it’s a great day.

I would rather hang around someone who is positive, wouldn’t you?  Positive comments are energizing; you can attract people with a positive attitude.  Truthfully, people who don’t complain are a joy to be around.

Our attitude is a choice.  The author tells a story of Sally.  She comes home exhausted from a day of work.  As she is sitting in her favorite chair, she realizes she is holding the $10 million winning lottery ticket.  She became so excited, jumping up and down.  Remember, she was exhausted minutes prior.  What was the difference?  It was entirely mental.  If we tell ourselves we are tired, we will be tired.  If we tell ourselves we’re terrific, then we are energized.  Sounds logical!

#2 Thoughts Become Reality

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A man is what he thinks about all day long.”  The book reminded me to evaluate my dominant thoughts.  Are they positive to motivate me to accomplish good things or are my thoughts negative?  What about you – are your thoughts helping you or holding you back?
The book mentions that you should have strong mental images.  He says that Jim Carrey postdated a bonus check early in his career to help motivate him to actualize a goal.  I liked this example…what physical sign will you create to motivate your thoughts to action?

One suggestion the book gave was to repeat positive thoughts.  I recently started playing music on my computer – positive songs.  I like when a song sticks with me for hours.  Try it and see if helps to keep you in a good mood!

#3 Watch the Words

Words have incredible power.  Do you believe this?  I do.

I enjoyed the story the author told.  Kent Cullers has a physical challenge, “a trivial affliction that is barely an inconvenience.”  Mr. Cullers is a NASA scientist with a doctorate in physics.  So what is his minor affliction?  He is blind.  Wow, I did not expect that.  What did his parents say to him when he was growing up?  What did he say to himself when he was in college?

With this key takeaway, it reminded me to be careful of the words I speak.  I don’t think I will get tired of this reminder.

#4 Look At Problems as Opportunities

Problem is Opportunity Blackboard ConceptWhen faced with a difficulty, many people can feel devastated and overwhelmed.  Depending on the topic, I know I have felt this way.  However, the book reminds us to look at problems as opportunities.  These stressful situations can motivate us to make adjustments in our personal or business life to make things better.  I know I have personally experienced this; after the initial hit to the face, I try to ask myself what I can do to improve (or if it has to do with my business, I’ll inquire suggestions from my staff).
Did you know…?
Hank Aaron, hit 755 home runs, but struck out 1,383 times?
Michael Jordan had a career-shooting percentage of 50%?
Authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul were told NO by 33 publishers?

The author says, “What has started as an adversity has become a golden opportunity.”  I have had a few situations that I thought were terrible, but in hindsight, they pushed me out of a situation that I would not have moved from and into a better opportunity.  Has this ever happened to you?

#5 Associate with Positive People

“A mirror reflects a man’s face, but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses.”  While I recently mentioned to my son he needs to evaluate who he hangs out with, I think as an adult, I look at who I hang out with as well.  What I mean by this is I want to rub shoulders with people who are smarter than I am.  I want to be motivated and challenged to better myself.  We easily notice people who are toxic, but do we consciously seek those who energize us?  Who do you hang out with?  Do they inspire you to greatness?

Have a great week!  Be positive, think good things, watch your words, turn a challenge into an opportunity and rub shoulders with smart people!

About Renee Daggett

Renee Daggett is the founder and President of Admin Books, Inc, a bookkeeping and tax firm. She is also the author of “Your Financial Flight Plan: Pilot Your Business To Profitability”. Renee lives her life with purpose and helps her clients find peace of mind as they achieve success in their businesses.


  1. I worked at a nonprofit providing services to people who are blind. Although living without sight isn’t without it’s challenges, many say most of their problems come from living in a sighted world. If everyone was blind, they reason, society would be set up differently. They spend a lot of their time pushing back against sighted people’s beliefs that they can not do as much as they are actually capable of doing. It’s a great lesson for everyone. Are we limited, or is it the external environment or perceptions that are limited? Are our perceived limitations comfortable because they are familiar? Re-framing a problem can often produce an opportunity. Nice article. Thanks for posting it.

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