This Week’s To Do List – WIC Silent Auction

:: Don't forget the WIC October general meeting this Thursday the 19th where you can learn how to make more money and spend some at the same time.  A panel discussion about scaling your consulting practice based upon the annual WIC survey grounds the evening, but there's plenty of fun with a silent auction as well. Donated items address the needs of the mind, body and soul and, of course,  jewelry and bags too. There's lots of great items and experiences that help support Women in Consulting and … [Read more...]

Member Success Story: Intuit Honors Renee Daggett’s AdminBooks As Top 15 Firm

:: WIC Member Renee Daggett and her firm AdminBooks made the papers today after being named one of the Top 15 global firms by Intuit. She started her business "while the kids were at school." Over the years, her business grew and she has surrounded herself with women she is "investing in" giving them a chance to climb the ladder and get the education they need. Today, "Daggett’s proactive, nurturing work ethic is turning heads and changing the landscape in the tax preparation and … [Read more...]

Why Do Consultants Have Crappy LinkedIn Profiles?

:: I just read a content marketing article that said I should be provocative and emotional in my headline. My style is usually much more supportive and complimentary. However, now I’ve got your attention, let’s look at some of the problems consultants have with their LinkedIn profiles. Consultants are smart We know we should be paying attention to our LinkedIn profiles. We’ve read the statistics on how many people are looking at it. We know that although we may not get business through … [Read more...]

No Is Not A Four Letter Word

:: If you're like a lot of successful women leaders, you have a lot on your plate. There are businesses to run, meetings to go to, kids to take hither and yon, husbands or partners who need you and perhaps even elderly parents that also need your time and care. All of these compete for your unwavering attention pulling you in multiple different directions all at the same time it would seem. This constant doing, doing, doing, usually means there isn't a lot of time left over for YOU, your … [Read more...]

Writing With Authority: Do Your Words Hold You Back?

:: Your professional, online identity is clothed in written words. Pay attention to its appearance. Whether you’re blogging, writing a book, or sending out reports to your management team, your written words are an important part of your business persona. Have you taken a close look at what you’re presenting to the world? Writing, authority, and your personal brand Every year, Women In Consulting conducts research into best practices for consulting. (The results of this year’s survey … [Read more...]

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