The Chief Customer Officer (CCO) Movement…Are You Ready?

I recently blogged about the movement by organizations toward a new CXO position: Chief Customer Officer. As a consultant, you need to be aware of this new role in organizations for several reasons: Increase your value to your clients: if you see an organization that is suffering from customer churn and wants to do something about, you can raise the idea of adding a CCO to the org chart.  You will be sharing a leading edge idea and can refer them to resources such as the CCO Council for … [Read more...]

Avoid Social Media Traps: Don’t Annoy Your Customers!

We are all trying to develop a social media strategy that will: 1)      Make us look ‘social media savvy’ 2)      Augment our other marketing efforts 3)      Expand our visibility 4)      And more! In our efforts, we are constantly learning and adjusting.  No one has this perfected.  But one thing to definitely keep in mind along the way is your customers’ experience and perception of you.  Don’t get so wrapped up in what YOU can get out of social media that you forget about … [Read more...]

Keeping up With Social Noise

We had a great panel discussion about social media tips for consultants at a recent general meeting.  Overall, we learned that the key is to avoid being overwhelmed.  Easier said than done! There are many aspects of social media that are difficult to manage.  There is the ‘content generation’ challenge: what/when/how to Tweet, managing one’s own blog, etc.  But there is also the challenge of how to keep up with the web content that you want to read that is generated by others, specifically … [Read more...]

Client Compatibility: Check it Out Early to Avoid Big Problems

Recently I upgraded my Office software to Office 2010 when I got a new laptop. Little did I know that Office 2010 isn’t totally backward compatible with previous versions of Office. It caused major headaches when creating a PowerPoint presentation that my client and I were both going to be editing: formats were lost, charts needed to be reworked, etc. It was a MAJOR headache and caused the client a lot of extra work…not my favorite thing! Going forward I will definitely be integrating some … [Read more...]

Thank You, Netflix!

Netflix, with its latest rate change, is helping customers like me explore not only other video sources, but also explore my technology to avoid being impacted by its changes. In one fell swoop, Netflix has gone from being perceived by movie watchers across the U.S. as the darling ‘little guy’ that displaced Blockbuster to now being perceived as just another greedy corporation. In less than 24 hours after the announcement, over 30,000 people posted comments to Netflix’s Facebook page and they … [Read more...]

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