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Sandra Clark is the Principal of Silicon Valley Training Connect – a training company offering on-site, customized training in leadership, project management and technology to Silicon Valley companies. Sandra also specializes in coaching individuals to build an authentic and inviting LinkedIn profile to help grow their small businesses. Check out Sandra's LinkedIn Profile Optimization webinar for WIC at

Why Do Consultants Have Crappy LinkedIn Profiles?

:: I just read a content marketing article that said I should be provocative and emotional in my headline. My style is usually much more supportive and complimentary. However, now I’ve got your attention, let’s look at some of the problems consultants have with their LinkedIn profiles. Consultants are smart We know we should be paying attention to our LinkedIn profiles. We’ve read the statistics on how many people are looking at it. We know that although we may not get business through … [Read more...]

I’ve Got a Great Profile. Now What? 10 Social Networking Tips for LinkedIn

Okay, you’ve been listening and learning some social networking tips. Maybe you've attended my webinar, or one of my classes. You’ve done your homework. You have a great profile on LinkedIn, including: Professional headline with your key words/talents Customized URL Labeled company website Compelling summary that uniquely positions you and includes keywords for your specialties Current job listed with your key words/talents listed Past jobs listed with your key … [Read more...]

5 Easy Steps Toward Your LinkedIn Strategy

What's your LinkedIn strategy? By now we all know that having a strong LinkedIn presence is essential. However, many of us are still uncomfortable with so much being shared publicly. Since LinkedIn is a professional network, we’re even more concerned about setting it up correctly and the possibility we might look bad. I often say that my specialty is social media for the socially reluctant. As a LinkedIn coach, I enjoy giving people the confidence to use LinkedIn and to develop a LinkedIn … [Read more...]

Selling When You Don’t Know the Content – It’s All About Listening (and a little improvising never hurts!)

When you don’t know the content - Draw them out – they’ll tell you In my training company I select from over 40 instructors to place the right person with the right content to satisfy my clients’ requests.  Between even just the half a dozen instructors I use most often, they probably could teach several hundred different courses, covering many topics.   I’m sometimes asked how I sell content that I don’t really understand. Years ago a respected colleague overheard me asking an engineering … [Read more...]

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