The Value of One Great Idea

:: Does one of the following describe you? Your business is on a roll. You’re ready to take that next step to grow your business even further. But you’re having second thoughts. Is this really the right time? Are there any negative consequences you’re not considering? What important details could you be missing? Your business is stalling. You’ve tried everything to grow your business, but you’re just not getting anywhere. Is it time to throw in the towel? While you may think you’ve tried … [Read more...]

Expand Your Professional Profile with a Workshop!

Even if you’ve never heard of the story “Leo the Late Bloomer,” the title says it all! I think I’m a lot like Leo when it comes to realizing the benefits of certain activities and practices. Such was the case when I first started facilitating workshops more than 18 years ago! I thought all I was doing was transferring information from facilitator to participant and participant to participant, all for a modest price. Eventually, I realized I had a lot more to gain with each workshop I … [Read more...]

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