Stand-Out Consultants: What I Learned from Linda Popky

:: As a consultant for many years, I like to think I have a handle on my business. But advice from WIC member Linda Popky at the November meeting really got me thinking. Am I creating new intellectual property each week that I can share with my clients? Am I sharing that in at least 3 different communication channels each week to differentiate my practice? According to Linda, too often we don't have a plan for our work. We just accept the work that comes to us. That work may not be right … [Read more...]

Key Takeaways to Scale Your Consulting Practice

:: I was fortunate to be in the audience when WIC hosted a panel on how to scale your consulting practice. These amazing speakers had very consistent advice and not necessarily what I was expecting to hear. Lisa Ann Pinkerton, Founder and President, Technica Communications Sheila Hatch, Creative Director and President, Decca Design Emmy Gengler, CEO and Founder, Softjourn Kathryn Bowsher, Managing Director and Founder of Act One Healthcare These 4 women have really scaled their … [Read more...]

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