About Kim Martin

Corporate Trainer and Coach, Kim Martin is founder of B2B Skills Training. She provides staff development programs for the workplace focused on strengthening soft skills, including communication, conflict resolution and leadership skills. She believes that through greater self awareness and support, people and organizations have a tremendous capacity for change and she delights in helping people step into their true potential.

The 3 Questions You Absolutely Must Answer Before Your Next Training

:: Long before you polish up your PowerPoint and prepare the training room, there are three essential questions that you must ask to ensure the success of your next staff development training. If you can master these preliminary steps, you’ll find that your in-house sessions will be more effective and have longer lasting results. 1. Why are We Doing This? It’s a simple question, yet it’s amazing how many different answers you might get when you ask.  It’s also the first question that your … [Read more...]

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