Marketing a Service Business

All professionals, from lawyers and dentists to accountants and therapists, have a similar marketing challenge if they are to grow their service business.  They need to expand their pool of new business beyond direct referrals.  In doing so they need to overcome several obstacles: •    They don’t want to appear to be “selling.” •    They typically don’t “make news.” •    They often work with people on a personal and confidential level, making case studies and success stories difficult, if not … [Read more...]

Seven Common PR Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Many organizations make some basic public relations mistakes, which can dramatically affect their visibility and credibility. Here are seven common errors, with advice on how to avoid them. Having unrealistic expectations of PR Too many people think that they will become famous overnight if they hire a PR firm. Or that publicity will automatically generate sales or raise their stock price. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Marketers tell us that people go through at … [Read more...]

A Blog on Blogs

A blog post is a great way to talk about the profession or some special aspect of your business.  The post does not have to be long; the key is consistent flow in the output.  Your readership (and WIC’s) will increase as long as you have something interesting to say. One great way to organize your blog (and help avoid writer’s block) is to create a monthly content calendar.  (Many people do quarterly calendars, revisiting recurring themes or topics.)  Make sure you optimize your blog posts … [Read more...]

Make LinkedIn Work for You

LinkedIn is the most popular professional social networking site. But, for it to be effective, you need to “work” it. Make LinkedIn Work for You Of course, the first rule is to have a complete profile.  Sandra Clark gave great tips in her WIC blog post, “I’ve Got a Great Profile: Now What? 10 Social Media Networking Tips for LinkedIn.” Sandra reminded us that our profiles should contain: A professional headline with your keywords and talents A customized URL A labeled company … [Read more...]

Social Media Program: Twitter Tips

Twitter can be exciting, daunting, or both. However, the search engines now track tweets, so it’s a great opportunity to increase your online exposure. Some tips: Follow the WIC members in your industry and retweet selected tweets, as well as those posted by our WIC social media team. Email your Twitter handle to or send @WIConsult a direct message in Twitter. The social media team will follow you and retweet posts they think would interest the WIC … [Read more...]

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