Heather is a speaker and entertianer who uses the magic of pure entertainment and empirical mind-science to assist professionals in creating 'fiercely focused thinking habits' and a process-plan that is imbued with enough high-voltage impetus to help them hit their performance marks and become the best possible version of themselves.

The Mind-Mechanics of Doubt

:: When I was young and envisioned myself as an adult, I pictured a radiant, glowing person who carried herself with compassion, grace, ease, and certainty. It didn't occur to me that doubt, fear, and indecision would be ghosts in the machine, casting their vote all along the way. What happened? The brain forged and fortified neural pathways into superhighways of doubt-related 'chemical fixes.' You were framed. Between the ages of 2-16, our brains were quite literally programmed by our … [Read more...]

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