The Power of WIC is in Your Success

:: For me, 2017 has been one of the shortest years ever. As my first year as president of WIC, it certainly has been busy and fruitful. Previous presidents and board members did some excellent work streamlining WIC operations and costs. This year the board put a lot of energy towards increasing transparency, connecting with members, and driving more value through our programs. One of my personal goals as a WIC leader has been to respond to issues, ideas and questions with positive support, … [Read more...]

Want to Get the Most out of WIC?

  :: I’ve never been much of a joiner. Though highly collaborative in my business practices, personally I am somewhat of a lone wolf. Last year my good friend and WIC stalwart, Jennifer Berkley Jackson, inspired me to join WIC and then recruited me to be the Director of Programs, General Meetings. In 2017 I take over as President. Stepping into the role of President puts me in a long line of women whose commitment to the community built WIC into a well-respected professional … [Read more...]

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