About Anne Janzer

Anne Janzer is a professional writer who has worked with more than one hundred technology companies. She is author of the books The Writer’s Process and Subscription Marketing.

She enjoys working with writers to improve their processes and help them bring new books into the world. Follow her posts at annejanzer.com.

Three Lessons Learned from Writing a Book

:: In retrospect, I’ve always wanted to be an author. Growing up in a bookish family, I spent much of my childhood reading. In college, I majored in English literature while dabbling in psychology and biology. But whenever I tried writing fiction, my inner critic was scathing. Creative writing terrified me. And nonfiction? I wasn’t an expert in anything. I put the idea of being an author on the shelf and went on with my life. But it was never completely gone. Lifelong dreams have a way … [Read more...]

Writing With Authority: Do Your Words Hold You Back?

:: Your professional, online identity is clothed in written words. Pay attention to its appearance. Whether you’re blogging, writing a book, or sending out reports to your management team, your written words are an important part of your business persona. Have you taken a close look at what you’re presenting to the world? Writing, authority, and your personal brand Every year, Women In Consulting conducts research into best practices for consulting. (The results of this year’s survey … [Read more...]

Finding the Time to Write a Book

:: Thinking of writing a book? There are many compelling reasons to do so. Writing a book can transform a career, opening up new possibilities and expanding your reach. Perhaps you’ve learned a thing or two in the course of your career and want to share that wisdom with others. By the time you’ve accumulated the wisdom to share in a book, you’re often busy doing whatever you’re good at. Unless you plan to pen a post-career memoir, you may not feel you have time to write a book. There’s … [Read more...]

Putting Your Inner Team to Work

Consultants and solopreneurs are, by nature, pretty self-sufficient people.  But we don’t always call on all of our resources when we need them.  When faced with tough decisions, new opportunities or potential conflict, we often fall back on behavior patterns that can limit our success. This is the topic of Erica Ariel Fox’s Winning from Within: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living and Lasting Change.  Although she frames the discussion around business negotiations, it’s relevant to many … [Read more...]

Consulting Contract Hurdles

One of the challenges of consulting is navigating the path to getting paid by clients.  Once you win the business, there’s the matter of actually getting a check cut.  And that process varies widely with different businesses. Here are 6 contractual ‘hurdles’ I’ve been asked to clear in the course of my consulting career: (Disclaimer: These requests typically come from the legal department rather than the people I work with.  My clients are wonderful people.  Also, the larger the company, … [Read more...]

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