Got questions? Get answers. The hidden wealth of our community’s Listserve

Faced with a technology meltdown? A challenging client? A marketing issue? Or do you simply need a recommendation for a great restaurant, dentist or hairdresser?  If so, chances are good you can get the help you need by asking your fellow WIC members. Indeed, many WIC members say that the advice and insights they’ve received from other members have been valuable. What about you? How have WIC members helped when you posted a question or request on our Listserve (Community or … [Read more...]

Our Internal Predator Ambushing Our Conversation

This post first appeared on Lioness Communication Coaching. As humans, we’ve spent years (millennia really) developing language and culture, even going so far as creating very specific words to cover very specific nuances that occur in our day to day lives. For example, in areas where snow is a large part of their lives, the local people have developed many words to describe all the different types of snow that they encounter: the Inuit apparently have 50; the Sami people in the northern … [Read more...]

The Benefit I Value Most from Women In Consulting

Here’s what I consistently treasure about the connections I make in Women In Consulting (and no place else):  Friendship with women committed to success in building their business. Women generously sharing hard-won insights into proposals, winning business, charging, business structures, and key financial decisions. Women unapologetically out to make some money and have an impact. Women committed to the success of women in their own businesses. Deep, abiding bonds … [Read more...]

The Role of Confidence in Consulting

Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself.  –Cicero Confidence plays an interesting role in consulting. Our customers need to have confidence in us as consultants. We need to have confidence in our ability to make a positive difference in solving our customers’ problems.  That seems quite simple and straightforward – no rocket science in those statements, right? However, nuances exist on both … [Read more...]

What Being a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization Means for Women In Consulting 

Women In Consulting became a 501(c)(3) charitable organization late in 2020, as we announced at that time. But what does that mean for us? TL;DR: This means we serve the larger community of independent consultants with education, networking, and other programs. And our members help make that happen while also getting greater access and other benefits of belonging and contributing to the organization. And all is tax deductible. You can also contribute passively with programs like Amazon’s … [Read more...]

Our Best Practices Research – Invaluable Insights for Success

One of the most amazing benefits Women In Consulting offers is the annual Best Practices Research Report. The quality of information and the insights produced really have no parallel for independent consultants. If you want to know what successful consultants are actually charging, how they’re structuring their fees, the marketing they’re doing, and the operations activities they have in place to support success, the Best Practices Research Report gives you those insights. In the … [Read more...]

Maintaining Balance and Staying Grounded in Independent Consulting

Today we’re getting news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the impact that’s having on the people on the ground, investor confidence, and global business. Get ready for the escalation of soundbites across the airwaves… In that face of looming world challenges like this, keeping your own balance in your business and your life can be problematic. Especially when we are mostly, as independent consultants, working alone. You, like me, probably have quite a few priorities tugging at … [Read more...]

Unexpected Insights Learning About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Last fall I initiated a book reading group for Women In Consulting members. I did this for several reasons:  In the wake of the protests in the summer and fall of 2020, exploring racism in the US became important to me as a citizen of this great nation and as a leader of this organization. To bring smart people together for discussing and digesting thought-provoking books on racism.I wanted to get to know more members in Women In Consulting and have found the best way to do that is … [Read more...]

Get the Most from Your Women In Consulting Membership

When I first joined Women In Consulting – back in 2010 I think – I was looking for insights on how to be a successful consultant. I wanted information I could put to use right away on fees, contracts, scope, subcontractors, insurance, and all the pieces I knew I didn’t even know enough about to name. Essentially, I was looking at the organization in a transactional way, much like other organizations and institutions where there’s value to get in exchange for membership to be paid. What I … [Read more...]

Privacy and Security Using Zoom During the Pandemic

:: By Sharyn Fitzpatrick at Marcom Gurus When virtual communication platforms like Zoom were developed, they probably didn’t think of how to safely use their platforms during a pandemic. Because of Zoom’s growing popularity with all of us, they have opened themselves up to intense scrutiny about privacy from the FBI and state Attorney Generals. Welcome to “Zoombombing,” where an uninvited attendee crashes your meeting and disrupts from its intended purpose. Now, this is a PR … [Read more...]

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