To go solo or not? WICademy course on Consulting may have the answer!

As WIC prepares to launch a WICademy course on Consulting  for those considering going out on their own, I began reflecting on my experiences as a Consultant.  Here are some of the pros and cons that stand out. I’m the Boss It’s exciting and liberating!  I can choose who to work for, when and how much.  The amount of money I make is directly related to the quality and the amount of work I’m willing to put in.  If I want to make more money I don’t have to play office politics and ask for a … [Read more...]

Refresh Your Marketing Plan

I founded my consultancy almost 10 years ago.  At the time, I put together a marketing plan that was fantastic for 2004: create a static website, update testimonials every year, generate email newsletters on a quarterly basis, and keep an eye on something new called LinkedIn - a site I figured would probably go nowhere. Now, I look at all the ways professionals like me reach out to keep in touch, and quite frankly I'm embarrassed.  Maintaining a twitter feed, blogging, creating timely videos. … [Read more...]

Innovative Entrepreneurs: UC Berkeley BPlan Startup Competition 2012

As a Consultant, it’s always good to understand trends in technology to get a better understanding of what startup companies are receiving funding.  So, if you are interested in new startups and ventures, you will find this blog post quite interesting. I recently participated for the third year as a mentor in the Annual UC Berkeley Startup Competition and was amazed this year by the brilliant new startup ventures that are being evaluated and funded by the VC Community. The UC Berkeley Startup … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Designing Your Very First Inviting Brand

After all, this is where all my experience comes from… I started out as a graphic designer, helping very-first-timers design their first business brands. Along the way, I learned many, many valuable lessons about designing your first brand… so I thought I should share. Many first-time entrepreneurs consider designing their brand a “first order of business” -  they think that before they launch, they’ve got to design their logo, business cards and their website. I get it… there’s a lot … [Read more...]

Developing a Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

Like most small businesses, you may be wondering where to put your marketing dollars. The Yellow Pages is calling, your website host is constantly pitching online advertising, and advertising salespeople in droves promise you the next best thing in advertising. Where do you start? In this three part series, we’ll discuss the foundation of effective marketing … [Read more...]

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