Active Listening Tips

Active Listening Can be Your Secret Weapon

If you do active listening well, you can establish yourself as someone who “gets it” and who delivers tailored solutions to your clients. It also enables you to take more targeted and effective actions.

To begin, it’s important to have the proper set of expectations about the Active Listening process. Active listening is a skill, and like any skill, it takes time, effort, and practice. And, it’s not always easy or convenient.

The tips for Active Listening include “To-do’s” and “Not To-Do’s”.

Not To-Do’s:

1. You do all the talking

2. You only hear what you want to hear or what you agree with (selective hearing or filtering)

3. You pre-judge or pre-suppose what the other person is going to say

4. You form conclusions too early

5. You interrupt

To Do’s:

1. Consciously listen objectively and fully

2. Keep an open mind

3. Be willing to hear honest feedback (even if it’s about you, your services, or your products)

4. Be neutral as you take the information in (absorb instead of react)

5. Watch for hidden agendas (theirs and yours)

What are some other tips you’ve found extremely helpful in making YOU a more active listener?

About Deborah Siegle

Deb Siegle, President of Women in Consulting and Principal of Strategic Marketing Solutions, is an insightful marketing leader and strategist with a talent for aligning a company’s products, solutions and messages with the customer’s needs. With over 25 years of marketing, customer service, and sales experience, she assists clients with strategic research, market strategy, market and product development, technology industry analysis, and customer loyalty and experience projects. Deb is the former president of Women in Telecommunications (WiT) and has also held leadership positions in other industry associations. Deb holds a M.B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.B.A. from the University of Michigan

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