About Linda Popky

Linda is a past president of Women in Consulting, and the president of Leverage2Market Associates, a strategic marketing firm that helps organizations improve their return on marketing programs, processes, and people. She’s a speaker, educator, and author, as well as a consultant. Linda was recently named one of the top women of influence in Silicon Valley and inducted into the Million Dollar Consultant ® Hall of Fame.

Hitting the High Ground in 2017

:: As women business owners, many of us were eagerly looking forward to seeing our country’s first woman president elected in November. Unfortunately, as we all know, that didn’t happen. The aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory has been a country deeply divided, with anger and aggression erupting on both sides. Regardless of which candidate you supported, you’ll need to deal with a changed business climate in 2017.  Here are 5 factors to consider in your upcoming business dealings: … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Be Heard

Marketing today is out of control. There are so many new techniques and tactics, so many ways to reach out and not just touch our audiences, but often to annoy them as well. So many things have changed over the last few years, but so many have not changed a bit. How do you survive this brave new world? These are the questions that bothered me as I was writing my new book Marketing Above the Noise: Achieve Strategic Advantage with Marketing that Matters. Yes, of course marketing has … [Read more...]

What Part of Customer Service is Not Clear?

It happened to me again recently: I was in a situation where I needed to contact the customer service department of a major company. You know the feeling – a product that’s not right, service that didn’t happen, promises that weren’t kept.   You probably also know what happens next. That sense of dread and desperation: I’m about to waste a lot of my valuable time trying to resolve this. And sure enough, the customer service rep on the other end of the line was sure not to … [Read more...]

The Real Danger of Black Friday/Cyber Monday Madness

The post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy started early this year, with some stores actually holding Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving evening.  Just to complicate things, online merchants started holding Black Friday events, and some brick and mortar stores held Cyber Monday sales.  And in the ultimate confusion, Honda had two full weeks of Black Friday sales events...huh? But that's not the real danger of all this madness. American retailers have traditionally relied on the holiday shopping … [Read more...]

Reflections on Two Wonderful Years of WIC…

As my term as president of Women in Consulting comes to an end this week, I find myself reflecting on all the incredible experiences I've had throughout the last two years. We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2008 with not only a gala event, but a new look & feel for our website and a new blog. In 2009, we expanded our social media presence to include LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. We expanded the reach of our organization, with strong and vibrant satellite groups in San … [Read more...]

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