Women of Influence

Two of WIC's finest have been named Women of Influence by the "Silicon Valley Business Journal" - Congratulations to Deb Siegle and Jenn LeBlanc! Deb, WIC’s president, was honored partially because of her work with WIC. Before becoming president, Deb had been VP of Membership for two years, Strategic Audiences Director (Leaders’ Network) for seven years, and member satisfaction chair for two years. She had also served as president of Women in Telecommunications for 10 years. Her … [Read more...]

Exploring the Middleman Economy with Marina Krakovsky

WIC's first guest speaker of 2016 was Marina Krakovsky who spoke on the middleman economy today, why it is so important, and how consultants can harness their role as middlemen to create greater value for themselves and their clients. Marina argues that rather than middleman becoming obsolete due to the internet, they are more important today than ever before. While some would say that middlemen are disappearing with disintermediation, she points out the new roles and identities that they … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Take WIC’s Best Practices Survey

We just launched WIC’s 14th Annual Best Practices Survey. I’ve been here for most of the surveys and every year I learn something to put into practice in my business. I’d be foolish not to. Hundreds of consultants—many of whom are tops in their field—share what helps make them successful. You’ll learn about everything from how they close deals to how they boost their productivity and more. If you’re a consultant or business owner, set aside 20 minutes—yes that’s all it takes—between now … [Read more...]

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