My Top Five Favorite Organizing Products!

A question I’m often asked is, "What are your favorite organizing products?" And while I don't recommend going out and buying these items until you have a use for them, here are my five favorite products that will make an immediate impact on your home or office space: Brother Label Maker - Give your stuff an "address" so things are easy to find and easy to put away. Clear Bins - These are great for storing a wide variety of things, they stack well AND you can see what's inside. My favorite … [Read more...]

Putting Your Inner Team to Work

Consultants and solopreneurs are, by nature, pretty self-sufficient people.  But we don’t always call on all of our resources when we need them.  When faced with tough decisions, new opportunities or potential conflict, we often fall back on behavior patterns that can limit our success. This is the topic of Erica Ariel Fox’s Winning from Within: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living and Lasting Change.  Although she frames the discussion around business negotiations, it’s relevant to many … [Read more...]

Risk Averse or Change Averse?


The riskiest action in a changing environment is Business as Usual.   So why do managers repeatedly shy away from change—real, thoughtful, productive change— as they watch their markets erode? The most likely source of change resistance is in the normal brain.  Your instincts are wired not to take you into the unknown or unfamiliar. Same is good.  Same is safe.  Change is a threat.  Follow your instincts. The problem with following your instincts in a changing environment is that your … [Read more...]