10 Things I Do On LinkedIn Each Week.

LinkedInPen_by SandyJK

LinkedIn was the subject of the WIC South Bay Satellite meeting this month, and we were treated to a fun and informative luncheon with Sandy Jones-Kaminski.  Here is her post outlining 10 things to do on LinkedIn each week! During my keynote presentation at the annual BlogHer conference in Chicago last year, I was surprised to learn that about 80% of the bloggers in the room were hardly utilizing LinkedIn at all.  After that presentation I knew it was about time that I shared publicly the 10 … [Read more...]

The Seven Steps in the Sales Process

As a consultant, you probably have multiple projects with many of your clients.  Hopefully you are also searching for that next big client.  Are you aware of the steps that top sales people take to successfully land those new clients?  Try following these seven steps to increase sales and reach those new clients. 1) Prospecting: even if you get referrals you should still be looking for new clients.  Most authorities say you should be using 2-3 methods.  Some things you might try: advertising … [Read more...]

The Top Three Sales Skills for Small Business Owners

As a consultant, you are an expert at what you do.  Your clients love working with you and vice versa.  You get some (maybe many) referrals.  Do those referrals provide you with enough business?  Probably not.  If you are like most small business owners, you need to generate new business.  How would you rate yourself on your ability to execute the sales process?  Do you even know what the sales process is?! All steps in the sales process are equally important.  There are three sales skills that … [Read more...]