10 Things I Love About the New QuickBooks Online


I admit it; I am not a person to embrace change.  My comfort zone is comfortable.  QuickBooks Online was just difficult.  You could not work as quickly, things were hard to find, it was not forgiving, and it just made me frustrated and inefficient!  Things are looking up since they updated the interface.  I am actually recommending it and doing my best to persuade some desktop users to change. These are the 10 Things I Love about the new QuickBooks Online: Faster, easier to work and find … [Read more...]

Lighten Up Your Marketing


Humor is Human!  As content marketing explodes, so too, does the volume of noise.  You have about 7 seconds to grab attention. To date, there haven’t been many great examples of humor in B2B.  I believe this is changing.  And, according to a global Nielsen Survey of Trust in Advertising conducted in September 2013 (58 countries), almost half (47%) of respondents said that humor resonates more than any content approach. Laughter lowers the intellectual shield your busy prospects have up all … [Read more...]

Our 2014 Silent Auction is LIVE!


The Women In Consulting (WIC) Silent Auction is back for 2014!  We are excited to announce our annual silent auction that runs in conjunction with our Annual Best Practices Survey Results Presentation. While our September 18th meeting is a full-members only event, this year we have also launched an online auction so that the greater community can participate and help us give back to Second Harvest Food Bank in San Jose. The silent auction is a awesome way to pick up great deals on items, … [Read more...]