Improve Business with Technology!

Technology can help increase productivity and provide convenience in running a business.  Here are several technologies that you may find helpful.  If you want to learn more, click each link to go directly to the associated website. Communication and Networking Go To Meeting - Go To Meeting allows you to easily work with anyone, anywhere by providing web conferencing and online meeting tools. Skype - Skype reduces the cost of calling mobile phones and landlines by letting you call and … [Read more...]

Marketing a Service Business part 2

In my previous post, I outlined some ways service businesses could market themselves online. Here are some ways to get the attention of mainstream media: Track media activity. One of the best ways to get publicity in mainstream media is to track what the reporters are working on and what they need…and give it to them. Fortunately, that is easy with HARO (Help a Reporter Out). This free service emails notices about what topics reporters are researching, and what kind of information or … [Read more...]

Marketing a Service Business

All professionals, from lawyers and dentists to accountants and therapists, have a similar marketing challenge if they are to grow their service business.  They need to expand their pool of new business beyond direct referrals.  In doing so they need to overcome several obstacles: •    They don’t want to appear to be “selling.” •    They typically don’t “make news.” •    They often work with people on a personal and confidential level, making case studies and success stories difficult, if not … [Read more...]