Guy Kawasaki: The Art of the Start 2.0


Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon Valley legend, spoke to a sold-out crowd at the WIC meeting last week about The Art of the Start 2.0. He spoke on the same topic soon afterwards in Australia. This article summarizes his main points. It's a good review for those fortunate enough to be at the WIC meeting, and a good intro to the points for others.  Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Sitting is the New Smoking – Bad for Your Body, Bad for Your Business

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I’m not exactly a raving fan of Mad Men or Don Draper, but I watched enough episodes to notice how in every episode almost all characters are engaged in a mindless activity which is detrimental to their health. Any guesses what it is? Smoking, of course. It’s stunning how that mindless habit was such a big part of our culture; yet it isn’t anymore. So what is our generation’s equivalent of smoking? – an activity we engage in in a mindless way which is harmful to out health, our well being, … [Read more...]

Expand Your Professional Profile with a Workshop!

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Even if you’ve never heard of the story “Leo the Late Bloomer,” the title says it all! I think I’m a lot like Leo when it comes to realizing the benefits of certain activities and practices. Such was the case when I first started facilitating workshops more than 18 years ago! I thought all I was doing was transferring information from facilitator to participant and participant to participant, all for a modest price. Eventually, I realized I had a lot more to gain with each workshop I … [Read more...]