Expand Your Professional Profile with a Workshop!

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Even if you’ve never heard of the story “Leo the Late Bloomer,” the title says it all! I think I’m a lot like Leo when it comes to realizing the benefits of certain activities and practices. Such was the case when I first started facilitating workshops more than 18 years ago! I thought all I was doing was transferring information from facilitator to participant and participant to participant, all for a modest price. Eventually, I realized I had a lot more to gain with each workshop I … [Read more...]

What Do IT Buyers Want From Marketers?


Spiceworks (www.spiceworks.com), a social network that connects marketers with IT buyers, recently held an “Unplugged” panel discussion in Mountain View, CA in which three IT professionals shared what they want from marketers. The organizations represented included a cloud-based software company, a food producer, and a government agency. Here are some of the key take aways: What is the typical IT buyer’s customer journey? Identify needs Conduct … [Read more...]

How to Influence When You’re Not Calling the Shots

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Cool Under Fire© series, 3 of 5 by Marianne Fleischer www.fleischercomm.com This third of five articles in the Cool Under Fire©Series will help you think on your feet. Speechwriter & Executive Speech Coach Marianne Fleischer, Fleischer Communications, will also be the keynote speaker at Women in Consulting’s August 10th, South Bay General Meeting. What if you have a great idea, but you aren’t calling the shots? If you are a consultant, maybe a client won’t greenlight your idea. If you … [Read more...]