The Top Three Sales Skills for Small Business Owners

As a consultant, you are an expert at what you do.  Your clients love working with you and vice versa.  You get some (maybe many) referrals.  Do those referrals provide you with enough business?  Probably not.  If you are like most small business owners, you need to generate new business.  How would you rate yourself on your ability to execute the sales process?  Do you even know what the sales process is?! All steps in the sales process are equally important.  There are three sales skills that … [Read more...]

Video: Catching Up with the 93%

As of last year, 93% of senior marketing professionals use video for online marketing, sales or communications. Most (84%) used this content on their own website; and more than 60% also using it as a part of their social media and email marketing campaigns. Which should make us consultants think: if the vast majority of marketing professionals are using video for online marketing, shouldn’t we be doing the same for our businesses? My company is focused on conducting user experience … [Read more...]

Top 8 Consulting Best Practices from 2014

Top 8 Consulting Best Practices from 2014

Women In Consulting recently announced the results of its 13th Annual Consulting Best Practices and Compensation Study at our September general meeting.  The overarching theme was that consultants and small business owners are reporting that their businesses are “the same, but better.”  This means that while revenues are flat, respondent are seeing deeper relationships and deeper pockets.  Projects, although sometimes still hard to get, are larger in both scope and budget. One consultant even … [Read more...]